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Coming to you with over 15 years’ experience, our installers at Astounding Painting and Decorating have harnessed their genuine family love and coupled it with innovation to bring unparalleled custom wallpaper and mural installations and removals for competitive prices to homes across Brisbane’s northside. We specialise in all aspects of residential and commercial installations and high end painting services, with the extensive product knowledge and hands on experience taught to our hangers by our company’s founder, often leading to many collaborative projects with some of the best interior designers and builders in the industry today.

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Custom wallpaper and mural hangers & installation at affordable prices

When it comes to what our clients are searching for, we understand the delicate balance between personal style and current market trends to ensure the best final product emerges. In order to help bring your vision to life, we insist our installers and hangers undergo plenty of continued professional development, as well as priding ourselves on unique craftsmanship and persistent attention to detail.

Our services are comprehensive, our prices are affordable, and our installers and hangers encompass every aspect that could revolve around wallpaper and mural installation. We can begin with the intricate preparation of the chosen wall and remove any previous artwork or material that may already be covering it. This can also include repairing or altering previous attempts at laying wallpaper or murals that proved unsuccessful and have rendered the look less than what was desired. Finally, we will then proceed to hang any wallpaper or mural of your choice, from standard, paper-based materials to heavily embroidered designs.

By following our fastidious method of installation at prices that won’t break the bank, homes across Brisbane’s northside can be assured that the beauty of your custom wallpaper or mural will not be hindered by its presentation – if anything, it will be bolstered. 

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