Premier Commercial Wallpaper Installation for Brisbane’s Northside

Wallpaper might seem like an easier alternative to instil some beauty within your home, but there is still plenty of work that goes into doing it properly, and without professional expertise, its installation can often prove disastrous. Find out how our talented staff at Astounding Painting and Decorating can make your home shine, while making your life easier.

Commercial wallpaper installation services

If you have ever attempted erecting wall coverings before, you will know it is more than simply pressing a few sheets of decorated paper onto a wall. With over 15 years’ experience in the painting and decorating industry, Astounding Painting and Decorating are fully aware of every possible scenario that we may face working at homes across Brisbane’s northside, and have established detailed processes to efficiently deal with them.

Our team of expert installers will first come to your property and precisely measure the specified area, ensuring no wasted or lack of required materials. From there, we will assist in handling your custom or standard designs, and provide any guidance or direction you may ask for in relation to preparation, maintenance, suppliers, and the actual materials themselves – style, quality, cost and so forth. Once satisfied, our commercial team can move forward with the careful installation of your wallpaper, bringing your vision to life.

Preparation for commercial wallpaper installation

Just like with the actual installation of commercial wallpaper, there is far more involved regarding the preparation of a space before we as installers can even begin. Fortunately, we are also well versed in the preparation process, and can offer you a comprehensive ‘start-to-finish’ service.

We focus primarily on creating as minimal impact as possible on the environments we work in around Brisbane’s northside. The removal of existing wallpaper can create plenty of mess, damage to property, and even potential safety hazards, so we must ensure we work in a way that doesn’t cause our valued clients any inconvenience or discomfort. Beyond that, we implement practises that lead to a quick, clean removal of any residual glue or paste, guaranteeing a perfect reception for any future commercial installations.

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