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If you want to brighten up your home and value at the same time, Astounding Painting and Decorating have all your needs covered. Our house painting services have been sprucing up Brisbane homes for over 15 years, and in that time we have learned a secret or two about helping you get the best value for your money. A few coats can freshen up your living space – both inside and out – creating big investment payoffs when you are looking to sell.

Contact our talented workforce today to see how we can create a difference on the interior and exterior of your house.

Interior and exterior house painters

Don’t limit yourself with the endless house-improvement possibilities that can be achieved from interior and exterior painting. Most home owners neglect the ample potential outside, even though exterior painting is just as important as renovating the interior, as weather damage and deterioration on walls, decks, gutters and rooves can be treated and revamped to look brand new.   

Then, once our house painters move onto the interior, you can be assured we operate under the same meticulous conditions, showing you and your property the upmost respect. We will precisely prepare the surfaces in your home for painting, filling any holes, cleaning blemishes as we go, removing existing coverings, and use quality products and equipment to deliver a finished result within given deadlines. If you so wish, we also provide advice on colour schemes and future projects, as well as a professional adaptability, should you change your mind on the look of your home.

Why choose us as your next house painters

Whether you chose to call us for painting the interiors or exteriors, our trusted experts will recognise that it is still your home, and treat it with the appropriate respect. With a proven track record of satisfied customers across Brisbane, we can guarantee that our work will be of the highest standard, and performed in a matter than causes little inconvenience to your busy schedule.

To improve the interior and exterior of your house, contact one of our helpful painters for a free quote today.