Wallpaper Removals

Wallpaper Removalists across Brisbane’s Northside

It can seem like an easy ‘do-it-yourself-job’ at first, but after a while, the removal of scads of wallpaper can turn into a mammoth of a project, depending on the scale of its application. Employing the cost-effective talents of our professionals at Astounding Painting and Decorating can save you money, time, and unneeded stress by treating the job with the attention it demands the first time around. We deliver expert handling and upkeep of your property, alongside an efficient work ethic, and friendly service.

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What our wallpaper removal includes

At Astounding Painting and Decorating, we put quality of our work above else, and this includes the imprint we leave on the rest of your house. Wallpaper removal can be a hefty task that leaves behind a lot of mess, and without professional care and preparation, potential damage and safety hazards can arise. And as lovely as Brisbane’s northside is, we would like to help keep it that way.

When you call upon our services, we don’t just barrel straight onto the job. We have stringent procedures already practised and in place, to provide quality maintenance of your belongings, but also in a timely, convenient manner. This will include laying down protective drop sheets, relocating as much furniture as possible, and bringing the very best in materials and equipment to get the job done right the first time. Again, a covering might not look like much on the wall, but once removal begins, it can pile up, and be quite the menace.

Preparation for future wallpaper installation

Most importantly of all, we treat the wall like a recyclable good. Once we have completed the wallpaper removal, you can expect no residual glue, paste, or damage that may hinder its potential in the future. We also provide wallpaper and mural installation, which brings with it the appreciation of the preparation it takes to make any space in a home acceptable for future, exceptionally personal works of art and professional painting.

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